Edge is still children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter new market beautiful bloom

Hot summer, the girls have put on a light dress chiffon shirt, a variety of cool clothing, buy your summer in the crazy while not forgetting the new fall and winter Oh, so that you early predict the new autumn and winter, ahead of the trend pioneer.


缘尚儿女装 2013秋冬新品上市 美丽绽放

Edge is still children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter with new market, so you know in advance this year's fashion trends, fate is still the children's clothing represents the perfect combination of fashion and classic, we are respected through the elegant and sophisticated art, superior fabric choice and exquisite tailoring Technology to show the charm and content of women, we have been committed to listening to every woman's voice, so that fashion as a carrier of beauty, the perfect interpretation of women's pursuit of the United States and create a restrained and elegant, fashion and classic, sweet With the rate of true urban female image.

缘尚儿女装 2013秋冬新品上市 美丽绽放

缘尚儿女装 2013秋冬新品上市 美丽绽放

This summer not only to wear the trendy fashion, but also to predict the new autumn and winter fashion, always go in the forefront of fashion, edge Shang children's clothing by the top design team to create, the European and Asian fashion elements perfect fusion to each Pieces of work, so that every customer wear out their own unique taste.

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