MOVEUP Fantasy go women's 2013 spring and summer ethnic style in full swing

Personality is an attitude, a living temperament, thinking of the essence of life and ridicule for all flashy. Nowadays the national wind intensified, MOVEUP fantasy go on the national wind is also full of love, let's take a look at the 2013 spring and summer, magic away for us to prepare what kind of national boutique.


National wind knitted jacket, breathable knit jacket unique ethnic personality unique printing, rich colors and very rich sense of quality. Loose outline of the atmosphere comfortable, comfort within the body fit ride Tee, comfortable. Bottom line with personalized hanging crotch pants, the overall shape of the uninhibited personality revealed uninhibited. Is a fashion personality can not be missed personality style.

MOVEUP幻走女装  2013春夏民族风炽爱如荼

Boy Friend wind overalls, loose bib pants slightly lower crotch, upper body simple and elegant, is essential for daily casual wear single product. With a shirt or T-shirt, you can easily create Boy Friend casual style, showing the casual attitude of urban women relaxed.

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