Rang-Ai fashion brand women's intellectual intellectual let love go hand in hand


Let love ..., is an eternal topic.

Let love fly, let love come back, let love be the master, let the love go ......

She is a song, the days are like the ups and downs of notes on the staff, love to make the notes beat more harmonious;

She is a kind of life attitude, let love bloom from the heart of the beautiful flowers;

She is a kind of life perception, is the choice, is to miss, is the face of life after a brilliant smile;

Let love go hand in hand, you and I expect ...

Rang-Ai时尚品牌女装  优雅知性让爱相随

" Rang-Ai" (Love), a fashion brand from Italy, with "noble, elegant, intellectual, generous" as the design concept, with its unique design style, simple and smooth lines, rich colors, Coupled with exquisite tailoring and elegant, fashionable style, blending the essence of Western culture, interpretation of modern urban fashion women's leisure and elegance, fashion without publicity, feminization without cumbersome; filled with a rich European fashion, but also very paste Meet the aesthetic needs of Chinese urban women, it is stylish and restrained, simple and capable; to meet the contemporary white-collar beauty of the pursuit of beauty and fashion, but also embodies the personal enjoyment of the value of happiness.

Rang-Ai时尚品牌女装  优雅知性让爱相随

Rang-Ai love women's target consumer groups and features:

To consumer psychology age as the standard, age 25-40 fashion, confident urban women as the main consumer.

They have a wide range of values, know how to enjoy life, willing to try; they have a complex demand clothing, the pursuit of fashion and sexy charming, like to have simple, stylish, elegant taste and emphasis on wearing comfort. Their understanding of fashion is neither exaggerated nor conservative, they desire to bring a stylish style and a little publicity. Rang-Ai (Love) expresses a spiritual lifestyle, integrates the modern spirit of optimism and independence and independence, and deduces a brand new philosophy of life for the fashionable women in the 21st century.

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