Yi Xin functional adjustment underwear remodeling female perfect curve

Faded strong shell, enjoy solitude at a slow time, enjoy only his own piece of soft heart, charming love, like a gift of happiness. Yi Xin, focus on comfort, health, fashion, functional adjustment, remodeling the perfect curve of women, rekindle the passion of life, enjoy a confident life.

衣馨功能调整型内衣  重塑女性完美曲线

Flow-like wave lace, soft like water, Smart has type, 3D three-dimensional cut, will be lost in the stomach and abdomen, back, armpit fat home, correction drooping outside the chest type, so that the chest is more full, concentrated, side Soft fat than bone glue homing, shaping the perfect physique, comfort and strong.

衣馨功能调整型内衣  重塑女性完美曲线

Mysterious transparent lace, Gothic-style sense of transparency between the beautiful and the psychedelic balance, side bit, the back of the heightening design, can effectively contain and sideways extra fat under the armpits, so that the breast more three-dimensional And concentrate.

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Christmas Wine Bottle Cover

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