Islay by 2013 summer dress series digital pattern bright eyes

Skirts are the killer of various clothing brands in summer, not only a lot of style, popular elements are varied. Catch the good times now, any popular element can attract the favor of female compatriots. Ai Laiyi 2013 summer dress style, there is a digital small apple pattern, the visual is absolutely rare design models, if you stare at it for a long time, maybe you want to escape it, right?

艾莱依 - eral

Black flagship, the white supporting role of the dress, very stylish Pandora collar both sweet and yet lovely, with a small apple print skirt, but also reflects the fresh and beautiful feeling, while the slightly loose dress modified female figure Shortcomings, this cute shape I believe no one will refuse it.

艾莱依2013夏季连衣裙系列  数码图案亮花双眼

This is compared with the above one in the use of the pattern is different, the fresh and lovely digital printing small apple flower pattern cut in the chest, and the color of the georgette interpretation of the female sweet feelings, irregular cut Let the skirt more elegant and moving, the more unique the more can attract the eye.

艾莱依2013夏季连衣裙系列  数码图案亮花双眼

This is the upper and lower structure of the dress, splicing at the waist was significantly waist effect. Small neckline ruffles flounced fine collar hanging in the collar, showing the slender neck lines of women. Lower body fresh apples printed with a sleek skirt, swaying the slightest romantic.

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