Do not forget to wear woolen coats to wear a belt

Did you know that a woolen coat can not only keep warm, but also make you a good figure, but you can show a good body depends on what kind of coat you choose.


Can a silhouette coat show a figure? Of course, can not pull, you want to show the bumpy subtle appearance of the child, then the coat will have to choose a lace woolen coat, like this is a pink woolen coat, pink and tender colors let you Regain youthful vitality, to show their sense of adorable, but a lace around the waist immediately make you into a charming charming little woman, sexy filling, make you more charming style.

毛呢大衣秀身材 不要忘了系腰带

Jujube red is not as fresh and eye-catching as China Red, but a bit dim color is more to show your elegance, Slim version of the wool coat should be the kind of significant body wear, but into a belt is more Show your unique charm, so you will be able to get your attention so dressed.

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Focal length of automotive camera lens parameters.
The focal length determines the size of the field of view Angle. The focal length value is small, the field of view Angle is large, and the observed range is large, but the distant object is not clearly resolved.Large focal length, small field of view Angle, small scope of observation, as long as the appropriate focal length selection, even distant objects can be clearly seen.Since the focal length and the field of view are one-to-one correspondence, a certain focal length means a certain field of view. Therefore, when selecting the focal length of the lens, it is necessary to fully consider whether it is important to observe the detail or to have a large observation range. If you want to see the detail, you should choose the lens with a long focal length.If you're looking at a large scene up close, choose a wide-angle lens with a small focal length.

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