Does the jadeite change color after a while? The worse news is still behind!


Because of its bright and translucent colors, jadeite is popular among many women in China. The color of jade is one of the main reasons for the popularity of jade.

However, in the past two days, a friend consulted and bought a bright jade bracelet. However, wearing it for a period of time actually changed color. Is it that the jadeite will change color after a long time?

Does the jade really change color?

There may be many friends who will also encounter the discoloration of the jade worn. Is the jade really discolored, or is it a dyed jade?

Jade has many colors, and the color of jade is controlled by trace elements contained in jade. Generally, green jade is green because it contains chrome and iron.

The trace elements in the jadeite are also very stable and will not change too much, so the jade will not appear discolored.

What is the discolored jade?

Natural jade will not change color when worn for a long time, but what are those jadeites that have discoloration?

In general, jadeites that are prone to discoloration are generally dyed C-carved jade, and part of the processed B-carved jade.

Many jadeites on the market are processed. Some of the impurities are more. The poor color of the B-Jadeite is soaked with strong acid to make the jade look cleaner and more transparent. Although the jade is brighter and more transparent, it is worn. It will age and turn yellow after a while.

In addition, there is a part of the dyed C-carved jade, which is filled with color in the interior of the jade to pretend to be a high-grade jade, which will fade after wearing for a while.

Jade shopping skills, to avoid being deceived!

Before buying jade, you must do your homework. You can't be fooled by the appearance of jade. You must learn to distinguish the A, B, and C goods of jade.

1A goods jade: Generally speaking, the A jadeite is processed without any processing and without any filling and dyeing treatment.

2B goods jade: This type of jade is treated with pickling and filling, washing away the impurities in the jade, making the jade look more vivid.

3C goods jade: The artificially dyed jade is called C-car jade, and the dye enters it along the crack of the jade.

After understanding these three kinds of jadeites, you can choose the jadeite. There are some tips when you choose jadeite. If you learn it, you don't have to be deceived.

1 Under the magnifying glass, the internal color of the dyed jade will appear reticulated, without color roots, but with a strong fluorescent effect.

2 Chemical reagents fade, and a drop of dilute hydrochloric acid is dropped on the surface of the jade. The dyed jade will generally fade and fade.

3 Visually, if the color of the jade is too bright and exaggerated and unnatural, most of these jadeites are dyed.

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