Save the breasts Macy 525 project landing operation of the first stop in Guangdong victory

MELS breast milk for the Army to fight "and shops get healthy" activities in just two days has created numerous exciting.


"Save the breast to eliminate breast milk blindness" US think 525 Breastthorn project the first floor of the actual operation of Guangdong, the first day of activities shop sales price 138109 yuan; card 66,680 yuan. ,

Can really continue to solve the problem of terminal into the store difficult, the transaction is difficult, the single low, low viscosity of the VIP problem; the difference between the other front store backyard purely implanted in the backyard project mode, underwear package and chest perfect combination; tailor tailored for the terminal I am the best! Join the United States think of the chest team, add some points for the health and beauty!

拯救乳房 美思525项目广东落地实操活动首站告捷

I am a thinker, I have been concerned about, I have been in action; commitment to each woman has a healthy, beautiful, confident body is our unshakeable vision!

This endless slogan, they bear in mind, but also in practical action, in the health of women dedicated to each and every one of their power.

拯救乳房 美思525项目广东落地实操活动首站告捷

Mithra "backyard" introduces the beauty chest protection machine, with natural plant essential oils, pleura and other beauty products to promote health products, natural protection for women's health to provide the United States bosom care services.

Consumers experience the beauty chest SPA, the nurse's approach, nursing products and supporting underwear recommended full praise!

拯救乳房 美思525项目广东落地实操活动首站告捷

The efforts of the United States Chest Care Corps we all see, and consumer understanding and acceptance is our greatest support and encouragement! In the chest on the way to the United States, together with the United States, add color for life!

拯救乳房 美思525项目广东落地实操活动首站告捷

Activities continued unabated enthusiasm, practical operation of Guangdong to the second day of hot do not want to!

On-site health underwear single positive sales up to 11, total sales up to 27W!

拯救乳房 美思525项目广东落地实操活动首站告捷

"Save Breast Cleanse Blind Million Shop to send health" is still ongoing, the next station Mithous Chest Corps will travel to cities across the country for the health of women glowing. Come! To participate in the United States think of the chest team come!

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