Warmly celebrate the grand opening of another new store in Baishin Square, a lady's era

Since the birth of the ladies' brand, the products have been widely welcomed by the industry and consumers. Sales have been on the rise. In order to provide more and better products to more consumers, Ladies Times has added another 100% shop.


With the arrival of the product design and production center in the era of ladies, the quality of products has risen by one grade whether in terms of design, quality or update cycle. Focus on products, return to the user experience, ladies era 2015 will continue to work with the majority of franchisees do a good job well products, good shop sales, so franchisees earning money.


With the development of the brand, more and more people join the ladies' era team. Ladies era adhere to the "fast fashion" Korean women "style and more quickly updated, the price of public." In pursuit of "customer service" for the purpose, to create "the most competitive Chinese Shu women's brand ."


The rapid development of ladies 'brand women's chain stores has benefited the brand's core values ​​of the ladies' era, adheres to the brand differentiation and insists on the development of personalized brands. With the growth plan of franchisee market of "made, done, and done for a long time" According to market demand, as well as the different conditions of each franchisee, formulate the most suitable for its development programs to ensure that each franchisee can be made, thoroughly, for a long time.

SEMS Screw

SEMS are created by combing a bolt with a permanently affixed washer. This washer stays in place due to the fact that it is installed on the blank bolt before the thread rolling is conducted. Because the treads are larger than the initial diameter, the washer stays in place without falling loose from the bolt.
SEMS custom fasteners can offer many benefits, especially when it comes to fast and easy assembly options. A couple of the most significant benefits are as follows.
SEMS Screws can allow for faster assembly of products due to their pre-assembled and lubricated parts. This can boost both your output and productivity overall.
The custom fastener options can also help decrease failures related to improper mounting or missing washers. Because SEMS screws have permanently affixed washers, or sets of washers, any failures related to missing washers is highly mitigated.
SEMS screws work well in products with small dimensions, allowing for seamless integration and assembly with a lower risk of error or failure.
Service on parts that are difficult to reach can also benefit from SEMS screws, as they can help make the process easier and safer.
Inventory and logistics can be easier to accurately keep track of as washers and screws won`t have to be accounted for separately.
Disassembly is also made considerably easier as you won`t have to worry about loose washers getting lodged or stuck in tapped holes.

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