There is a kind of jade who doesn't know how many people are cheating! Ta is not jade


Although Malay jade is called jade, in fact, Malay jade is not produced in Malaysia, nor is it natural jade. It is the name of a kind of fake jadeite that was sold by many Indian and Pakistani businessmen in the early days of opening up in the interior of Yunnan. The main mineral is quartz, which is made by melting pure quartz or quartz crystals and adding colorants. It is also called Malay. Cui, Lu Songyu and so on. When Malay Jade entered the market, many people were deceived by it. Nowadays, it is called "cottage version" jade by the industry.

It has a hardness of 6.5 to 7, a specific gravity of 2.65, and a refractive index of 154.


There are significant differences compared to jade:

1. Visually, the color of Malaysian jade is too bright and very unnatural.

2 The proportion of Malaysian jade is 2.65, which is much smaller than the proportion of jadeite 3.24~3.43.


3. The average refractive index of Malaysian jade is 1.55, which is lower than that of jadeite.

4. The color does not turn red under the Charles filter, but the presence of the dye can be observed under the ten-fold mirror, that is, the color is very floating and is a staining phenomenon.


Summary of differences

Because Malay jade is quartz dyed, there is no structural feature of jadeite under the light transmission, and the color is relatively dull. The color of the jade is chromo-colored, and the overall feeling is spiritual. Looking closely at the tiny crystals, these are the unique characteristics of the jade. In addition, the Malay jade carving is very flat, and there is no high relief and round carving, while jade is not.

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