Boys white short-sleeved how to take a stylish white short-sleeved ride what pants

Dress with long ago is not the topic to be discussed between the ladies, more men in the era of progress also pay attention to their own image. Hot summer, boys' clothes are not as varied as girls, mostly based on short sleeves, white short sleeves must be the best choice for every man. So what kind of white T-shirt pants with good? Now let Xiaobian take you to look at it. A simple white T-shirt always allows men to become more youthful and dynamic. White shorts with what kind of pants, of course, is also based on the white clothes on the pattern to the left of this white short-sleeved pattern is simple, then you can match the lower body of this red pants, do not think it is foul, With the good still can wear out your elegance charm; the right of the upper body pattern is very colorful, with the same ribbon pants, up and down the coordination of the response, still can make you feel very stylish. Do not think that the white T-shirt can only be used with solid color pants, this black and white gray-based short-sleeved shirt can be used with lower body printing shorts, a simple match you to lead the summer new style. Picture source: RED.PG

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