Blue Cottage brand children's clothing leading the fashion trend of Chinese children's wear

September 21, 2011, Fangcun Avenue 1850 Creative Park grandly held a blue ice fashion children mix and match fashion wind T Taiwan show, the conference is the first large-scale children's clothing investment activities. Blue Cottage from China, the design style is different from Other Chinese children's wear brands. Using a unique cut, craft, color, shape, details, and emphasize mix and match, to become a combination of aristocratic fashion brand. The President of Production Design elaborately sent a love for all fashion mums and babies in September of 2011. Combining love and design concept with the essence of fashion into the design of children's wear, accompanied by deep love for children, birth of love Brand Blue Cottage ... ... "I want to make happy, stylish with all the innocence of children's childhood, but also to the fashion children's clothing industry to bring the color of the next step" secretly wearing her mother's high heels slowly grow, quietly put on Old Blue Cottage dress Pick up the youth, and then looked at the child dragging a few out of their own dress in front of the mirror according to ah, life is definitely a legend of the cycle! Blue Cottage will realize the dream of the little queen, and Mommy modern fashion. Lovely style into the fashion mix and match elements, filled with innocence and fashion, so that the little queens are as modern as their mom, temperament superior. Blue Cottage brand with the launch of more and more popular, cartoon is only a part of Blue Cottage only. From the international "T station" point of view, children's clothing brand choice and style will be more diverse. It is clear that the children's clothing style embodies the obvious take the fashion line, the style tends to have a classic sense of urban design and warm Barbie dolls.

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