Stabilization of cotton prices is conducive to warming demand confidence

In August, the domestic market has seen significant differences in the views of the cotton market, which is reflected in the fact that the volatility of the ** and spot trading prices has become smaller. The stabilization of cotton prices is conducive to the recovery of demand confidence.

The price fluctuation range of lint prices continued to shrink in the first half of September. According to the data released by the China Cotton Information Center, the maximum and minimum spreads of the cotton b index in August and September were 873 respectively. RMB/ton, 617 yuan/ton, which is about 3 times lower than the previous four months.

In addition, the average processing profit of pure cotton yarn in the first nine months of 2011 was about RMB 7,789/ton, which was about 37% higher than in previous years (excluding 2010). This was a profit under the general background of rising labor, processing and other expenses. More normal. The volatility of cotton spinning processing profits has been significantly reduced, showing that the profit of cotton spinning mills has gradually become stable, which is conducive to the recovery of spinning production.

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