Non-universal canvas shoes should be carefully worn

Non-universal canvas shoes should be carefully worn The temperature dropped, sandals exited, and shoes were put on the job. Among the single shoes, canvas shoes have become a great love for many people due to its features of light weight, wear resistance, wearability, moderate price, and changeable characteristics. Some people even participate in sports activities and use it instead of professional sports shoes.

In response, Wu Tao, deputy chief physician of Peking University, reminded that it is best not to wear canvas shoes for many days, and don't wear it to exercise. This may cause your feet to be injured. Good sports shoes should be light, torsional, shock-absorbing, non-slippery, sweat-absorbent and other functions, in addition to improving the performance of athletes, but also reduce the chance of sports injuries.

The body of the canvas shoes is too soft, especially the heel and midsole parts are not thick enough, the stability is not high, and the colloidal soles are less shock-resistant, so it is not appropriate to wear it to participate in strenuous exercise, such as playing basketball and playing football. However, it is possible to wear canvas shoes properly for jogging and jumping ropes.

In addition, the air permeability of canvas shoes is poor, and long-term wear will cause the feet to stay in a humid environment for a long time, which may cause sweat sores and eczema, or further infections of other skin diseases such as athlete's foot and erysipelas.

Teenagers and children must be more cautious during their development because their foot development is not yet mature. The design of the canvas shoe body is too soft and the shock absorption function is poor. Especially the heel cup and the midsole part are not stable enough, which is not conducive to the health of children's foot. Development, especially for children with flat feet, canvas shoe insole can not prevent flat foot sequelae, long-term wear will deform the arch, and may form a structural flat feet. When parents choose shoes for their children, they should pay attention to the shoes should have a hard heel cup, in order to stabilize the heel, prevent the feet from swinging in the shoes, reduce sprains.

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