Lightspeed Marketing Wins Multimillionaire 2010 Fashion Innovation Forum

Ben Wang, June 8th today, Chuko (International) Fashion Co., Ltd. 2010 fashion retail innovation profit model seminar and Chu Weiwei brand "Chanson Seine" series product launch conference held in Humen Garment Technology Innovation Center! This wealth feast created by the “Chuge People” brings together many elite talents in the fashion industry to jointly explore how the retail business in the new economic era will innovate in business models and establish a platform for capital operation, industry integration, and information exchange. Reaching a win-win situation for brands and agents, commercial and cultural integration, and increasing the value of investment income through innovative light-speed marketing;

The apparel industry leaders and leaders from various industries attended this feast include: Tang Minyi, executive vice chairman and secretary general of the Guangdong Garment Association, Wang Minjian, secretary general of the Humen Garment (Fashion) Industry Association, and Zhang Guoning, a business innovation master in the new economic era. Professor, Guo Qixiong, Chairman of Chuko International Fashion Co., Ltd. and Jacky Chan, General Manager. Everyone gathered to discuss and discuss the industry trends and trends in the context of the new economic era. Nearly 200 people including news media such as Guangdong Satellite TV,, LET'S GO, High-speed Railway Magazine, and South China TV Fashion Show, as well as people from all walks of life and joining agencies attended the event. Among them, it was attracted by the innovative profit-making model of the leading apparel retail industry, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Beijing Real Estate Bureau, Agricultural Bureau of Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, Soho Times Square of Jiangsu Province, and Damai Group of Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang Province. Many business leaders and relevant persons in charge, such as shopping centers and Hohhot Jiamao Shopping Center, also participated as VIPs in the seminar.

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