High-heeled shoes on the knees hurt a lot of heels do not exceed 4 cm

Ben Wang reported on June 22 that the high-heeled Italian is Stiletto, a dagger with a narrow blade. For women, high-heeled shoes are like a sharp, sexy "dagger" that allows women to conquer men. But at the same time of conquering, women themselves also paid a great price for health—foot and waist.

Despite the pain, many women still have a soft spot for high heels. According to the American Foot Surgery Association, 42% of women admit that they will not give up on high heels because they are uncomfortable wearing high heels; 73% of women already have diseases related to high heels.

On the street, women with ankle high heels are everywhere. Why do high heels get women's favor? It turned out that putting on high heels can make the back of the foot arch and appear to be small, large and calf muscles are tight and slender, the center of gravity forward moves the front of the chest, abdomen and buttocks together to tighten, so that the posture is more beautiful and sexy. However, this kind of beauty is based on the morbid state and it is at the expense of health. The Guangzhou Medical College investigated 100 women wearing high heels and found that wearing high-heeled shoes caused leg and foot pain and soreness. The incidence of such discomfort was as high as 93.6%.

Pain in the foot is the most typical discomfort and early-onset symptom in wearing high-heeled shoes. It is also relatively easy to get the public's awareness. When the symptoms appear, temporarily not wearing high-heeled shoes can relieve the pain. However, long-term wearing high-heeled shoes caused joint and lumbar lesions, these potential hazards, but far from the recognition of those wearing high heels, seriously affecting women's health.

Let's take a look at the three major hazards in wearing high heels—

1, the harm to the foot

When standing and walking in high heels, the weight will be concentrated in the first to third metatarsal heads of the forefoot. At the same time, these toes are also squeezed by the tip of the shoe, corns appear, and neuroma is formed between the cheekbones. Stubborn and repeated pain symptoms. Wearing high heels for a long period of time can also lead to weakness in the feet and flat feet. Overcrowding of the toe can result in or increase the hallux valgus deformity, leading to a series of disorders such as bunionitis and hammer toe.

2, harm to the ankle and knee joints

When walking in high heels, due to the influence of the degree of motion of the knee joint and the ankle joint and uneven stress, ankle joint sprains are more likely to occur than those wearing flat shoes; the load pressure of the knee joint increases significantly, leading to the occurrence of degenerative osteoarthritis in advance.

3, the harm to the lumbar spine

In fact, the damage to the lumbar vertebra in wearing high heels is even more serious. Because the occurrence and development of this kind of damage is relatively slow, it is more easily overlooked. The human spine has four physiological curvatures of cervical curvature, thoracic curvature, lumbar curvature, and tortuosity. Normal physiological bending depends on multiple structures such as the vertebral body, intervertebral disc, facet joints, ligaments, and muscles to maintain balance, stability, and cushioning. And other important physiological effects. Any cause of the overall imbalance of the spine, will cause the pain of the waist.

After putting on high heels, the pelvis will lean forward and the line of gravity will move forward. In order to maintain stability, it is bound to adopt a posture of raising chest, bending hips, and stretching back to the waist to re-establish balance. Of course, the curves of mature women are therefore best shown. Behind this beautiful, the entire spine begins to accelerate degenerative changes. To maintain excessive and continuous lumbar extension, so that the psoas muscle in a state of tension and long-term contraction of lumbar muscle strain. The increased curvature of the lumbar spine can cause the lumbar spinal canal to be narrowed due to the folding of the ligamentum flavum posterior to the spine, which may cause compression of the nerve roots. Increased lumbar curvature will also increase the burden on the facet joints, increase the shear stress of the lumbar facet joints, and accompany cartilage wear and bone hyperplasia. The tilt of the pelvis increases the load on the sacroiliac joint and the patellar ligament. All of the above pathological changes eventually cause recurrent acute and chronic back pain and irreversible damage to the spine.

Tips: High-heeled shoes "self-help" method

How to make yourself look sexy and beautiful, while not being guilty, is a "problem" that ladies should pay attention to.

★ alternate wear high heels, flat shoes: From the need to take into account the health and beauty of women, in addition to social, etiquette and other special occasions, it is recommended to wear less high heels. A pair of comfortable flat shoes can be prepared in the office and worn alternately with high heels to reduce foot fatigue. Patients with low back pain do not wear high heels.

★ The heel should not exceed 4cm: to buy the right high heels to ensure that the shoes fit comfortably. When wearing high-heeled shoes, put a soft insole on the forefoot or the heel of the foot to reduce the pressure on the sole. The height of the heel of the heel should not be too high, preferably not more than 4 cm. The heel should not be too small, otherwise it can not support the weight stably, and the toe should be slightly loose to reduce the pressure on the soles and toes.

★ warm water feet: at night with warm water bubble feet, can improve foot blood circulation. Strengthen the ankle to strengthen the sports, joint sprains should be promptly to the hospital for treatment.

Note: girls can not wear high heels. Females aged 15 to 16 years old are only mature bones. Wearing high heels prematurely can cause deformity of the foot bones, and even affect the pelvic shape, resulting in narrow pelvic orifices and affecting adult delivery.

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