Those behind the Expo costumes story

View the World Expo, product culture. Expositions in the Expo before queuing admission, the first exposure to foreign culture is the venues staff uniform. There are no similarities and differences between the work clothes of more than 200 venues in the Expo. Whether beautiful, elegant or simple, there are different stories behind each uniform. The uniforms of the Italian pavilion staff are one of the most stylish uniforms in all venues as these uniforms come from Prada, a well-known costume designer. A full set of uniform made from Ayako and stretch silk, looks very crisp and beautiful. Male guide is a rose red leisure suit, the lower body is a metallic lattice pattern leggings; women are rose red shirt and metallic plaid skirt. Prada supplies them with nylon and cowhide sneakers as staff members move around the venue daily. In order to add fashion colors, uniforms are also unified with a silver Messenger shoulder bag, style Prada classic parachute cloth canvas series. Quintieri, the Italian government's general representative at the Shanghai World Expo, said they are proud of Prada's partners. British Museum "Seeds Temple" shape makes people never forget, the staff uniforms in the background is not small, fashion design work by the famous British brand Martha to create. Marks and Spencer is Britain's largest multinational business retail group, is one of the representative companies in the United Kingdom. This uniforms men and women are T-shirts, chest printed "Seed Temple" logo, pants and dresses for the lower body. In order to echoes with the gray British Pavilion, the main colors of the uniforms are black, white and gray, which together with the headdress of the English flag pattern in the flag of the United States, shows a thick British style at leisure. British Museum curator Miss Miluo said that this set of clothing looks very simple, yet without losing the sense of fashion design. Because of work needs, almost all kinds of uniforms in pure classical clothing. However, various venues still find ways to reflect the characteristics of their own clothing. South Korean pavilion staff mostly female, their uniforms are very much like airline stewardess uniforms, a skirt and a top hat. However, careful observation can find many Korean characteristics. The full set of clothes with white and South Korea's traditional colors - sky blue-based colors, because sky blue can reflect the beauty of elegance, and gives a feeling of capable. According to the Korean Pavilion public relations staff Wen Enhui introduction, taking into account the working staff a long time every day, uniforms used to facilitate the washing and processing of fabrics. In the whole design, the ancient Korean that is embroidered on uniforms is highlighted. These words are not used by modern Koreans, but Miss Kim said the staff: "Although I do not know these words, but I like it, because it is our national culture." To select the uniforms of the Norwegian Pavilion, the Norwegian Institute of Clothing specialized Held a design competition, the result of two Norwegian designers won. The two designers, inspired by Norway's traditional mountain coats, have relatively relaxed men's and women's tops, and designed a buckle on the long sleeves to make them short sleeves, considering the summer coincides with the show. This uniform is the most eye-catching color, shirt selection is very bright "China Red." The designers said that since the Norwegians like the winter sports very much and the red is the main color of the ski suits, while the red is a symbol of China, it represents happiness. Staff members wear "China Red" uniforms and also represent the dialogue between Norway and China. Longing. The most popular theme of this year's Shanghai World Expo is environmental protection and respect for nature, and Germany can be described as completely uniformed in environmental protection. German men and women librarian uniforms are orange jackets and pants, waist belt can be linked to a kettle. The full suit looks amazing, but its texture is a lot of stress. The uniform fabric uses a special kind of polyester fiber, both heat and wash, the more peculiar is that this fiber can be recycled, re-use as a textile raw material, unlike other fibers, after discarded only as cheap Filler. Finland is one of the countries with the highest per capita forest area in the world, so the uniform of the Finland Pavilion is related to the tree. The uniforms' jacket is a loose white shirt in a cotton-linen texture, with a waistcoat with irregular black and white stripes on the outside and a black belt at the waist. Eriksson, a Finnish pavilion staff member, said the suit simulates winter birch skin color. Birches are the most widely distributed species in Finland, and the long, winter winters often snow, and when the birches are covered in snow, they appear as black and white as the shoulders. Eriksson said Finland has dense forests and Finns have very deep feelings for the forests. Many of their lives are related to the trees. Therefore, this uniform can best represent this country.