V & Z women mature dignified and simple design will oriental female beauty interpretation just right

The design of V & Z women's wear is concise and refined, focusing on the original and details, emphasizing the perfect combination of body structure and garment tailoring of the target consumer group. The combination of European and American fashion with traditional oriental women's beauty will make the single-product and series match Oriental women can interpret the United States just right. V & Z brand women's positioning in the high-end mature fashion women's brand, style to a steady fashion, supplemented by leisure. Terminal sales to shop and shop counters in the form of operation. Company Name: Guangzhou Qimin Trade (Apparel) Co., Ltd. Address: Room 1401, 14th Floor, Hongmian Building Business Center, No.10 Fangcun Hualai Road, Liwan Dist., Guangzhou Tel: +86 (020) Fax: +86 Tel: Zip code: 510370 Contact: Miss Chen Mr. Huang E-MAIL: [email protected] Website: www.VnZcn.com