"Wu Mei Niang" full screen crowded chest, how the ancient breast?

Recently, the "Wu Mei Niang Legend" which is currently on the air, in addition to the high value of Yan, hair styling are particularly beautiful outside, is actually full of big breasts sister to deeply attracted. Have you been crying directly after watching the stills? Well know, "Wu Mei Niang legend" This movie CSM30 city network ratings 2.46, CSM50 city network ratings 2.28, national network ratings 2.14, breaking the highest ratings TV series, see these data Xiaobian think, are you guys Is not to see the chest?

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Well, return to today's theme, the Tang Dynasty is how a woman breast it?

We all know the popular plump body in the Tang Dynasty, the chest is the most important Aspect, then up to the Queen, Royal, Palace ladies and civilians have spread a method of breast enhancement, reportedly 9 days to allow the chest circumference increased by 1 cm , Just two weeks to increase the chest circumference of 2-3 cm.

Said to be the Royal Concubine every day in Huaqing pool fragrant soup bathed in the breast will be smeared Royal special cream, which contains papaya, saffron, Pueraria and other natural ingredients of the breast, smear the breast acupuncture points after a specific massage, through Press milk root point, Tianxi point and other four points, can stimulate blood circulation, clear the breast, so acupoints patency, better absorb the essence of plants, so that breast enlargement full!

Yang also often consume a kind of jade woman supplements crispus, the main ingredient is peanut, red beans and dates of 100 grams, mashed by the royal chef deployment crispy dessert, which is rich in lecithin and protein, can stimulate estrogen secretion, though Easy to eat more fat, but this is the best method of tonic breasts, but also the harem concubine usually favorite breast dessert. Say the girls who want breasts can also try Kazakhstan.


Here, can not help but think of the pressure of the flat chest sister how much pressure in the Tang Dynasty, but also finally understand why the women in the palace to be desperate to squeeze the chest!

However, the progress of the times Well, from an artistic point of view whether it is clothing or photography, especially in fashion, your chest big or small, less important. People are more concerned about the look and temperament, I believe we all know that flat-chest models in the fashion world how hot. A few years ago in the popular corsage, people exposed this half cleavage and waistline wear very fascinated, all kinds of street shooting, show are all set to deal with the bra. However, from the previous year, the corset becomes narrower and narrower, just back to Mai Mai underwear wear the point. This time, the bust in C above, in the fashion circle will be generally embarrassed cow on the street.

Therefore, the little chest girls, put inferiority, nature is the most beautiful ~ ~

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