Warm congratulations on the perfect declaration Chongqing Yongchuan store grand opening

The end of autumn in October, the perfect declaration underwear once again came good news, warm congratulations on the perfect declaration underwear Chongqing Yongchuan shop on October 27 grand opening! Opening a new store I wish the business is booming! Financial sources wide into! Welcome new and old customers to shop to buy their favorite products! Also wish the perfect declaration in the next days, more and more branches!


The opening of new stores is naturally beaming, beautiful flower basket, colorful balloons even more festive feeling for the opening of new stores, while the store new listing underwear is also a variety of styles, size range, absolutely can meet your different underwear dress needs! Of course, there are many discount discounts during the new store opening, new and old customers do not miss this opportunity, come buy lingerie!


The perfect declaration underwear opened in Yongchuan, Chongqing, the new store owner is Deng, Deng always underwear industry leader, his business started in Yanbu underwear factory opened more than 10 years, and through the investigation of the underwear brand understanding, Deng eventually chose the final The perfect declaration of underwear, which shows that the perfect declaration is being recognized and loved more and more people, the perfect declaration of underwear Thank you all for your strong support and love of our brand, but also hope that we can, as always, support the perfect declaration!

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