With denim jacket skirt print skirt vest mix

Many girls still like to wear denim jacket, whether it is jacket or vest style, are very popular. In addition to classic and simple with jeans casual pants, but also with a dress Oh. This stylish mix and match style has swept the world. So, what kind of dress suitable with denim fabric it?


The latest element of the season than printing. When the print dress meets the cowboy, collision of the retro and trendy eye-catching. This sling floral dress comfortable fabric, simple style, very soft and skin-friendly. High waist design, loose version, suitable for all types of girls. Colorful printing, it is eye-catching.

搭配牛仔外套的裙子 印花裙牛仔马甲混搭

This dress in the warm point of temperature, with a long-sleeved denim jacket, with a pair of canvas shoes, youthful and beautiful. Figure with a light-colored denim vest series, retro style, stand-collar design, playful handsome. Classic style will not be outdated lovable. This mix, it is to meet the personality of 8090 women.

Photo courtesy: Ou Nina Women

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