Whether the true value of the secret diamond is decoration or investment


Diamonds, the most cruel grinding, the most natural beauty

People's life span is only a hundred years, which makes us more yearning for things. The formation of diamonds is that the geological layers hundreds of kilometers deep in the ground are formed by the original carbon being heated and pressure-melted. Most of the diamond primary minerals are attached to the mica peridotite, which changed through the crust plate and volcanoes 100 million years ago. The eruption, with the magma spurting out to the shallow surface of the earth, was finally discovered by humans. There is a saying that "in the face of time, we are all passing by in a hurry", and diamonds are the spokesperson of time, using a proverb, we can not possess diamonds, just keep it for future generations.

The chemical composition of diamonds is C carbon. Of course, it is sometimes doped with other elements such as iron, chromium, magnesium and other tens of thousands of minerals, commonly known as inclusions or impurities. The less the content, the higher the purity and the less. According to the literature, diamonds were first discovered in India. The origin of diamonds is now found in more than 20 countries such as South Africa, Congo, Angola and Russia, especially in Africa. The mining process is very difficult and time-consuming, and the production is rare. The mining area can find one carat of rough stone of different sizes per 100 tons of minerals. It can be seen that diamonds of more than one carat are more expensive and rare. The quality of the rough in each mine is different, but it is not particularly good or particularly bad, because the diamond crystallization process is exactly the same, even scientists can hardly tell the difference between the diamonds of different origins.

Due to the high cost and rarity of diamonds, scientists tried to develop artificial diamonds by simulating the formation of diamonds while maintaining a pressure of about 6,000 degrees and an atmospheric pressure of about 1000 degrees. Although the experiment has been successful, the cost of research and development is too high (even Higher than the mining cost of natural diamonds, so there is still no mass production plan.

Investment diamonds have doorways

Since the financial crisis, we have once again paid attention to everything that can “appreciate” or even “preserve”. In addition to precious metals such as gold and silver, diamonds are also the object of many people’s discussion. Since 1934, the increase in diamond prices has greatly exceeded the inflation rate. Therefore, investing in diamonds can protect investors' capital from inflation. Diamond prices have grown in recent years and are among the most intimate forms of personal wealth investment. Unlike other forms of investment, diamond investors have tangible assets that are directly held by themselves. During the investment period, he does not need to pay any custodial fees, property taxes, or is required to be responsible for any liability insurance. Of course, diamonds are also different from ordinary futures commodity investments, because no government will accumulate diamond stocks and will not control or influence the free trade of diamonds. Moreover, the international demand for diamonds is greater than supply, so diamonds are easily sold anywhere in the world.

In ancient times, diamonds were used as amulets to block evil demons. In modern times, investors can treat diamonds as part of their investment. Such assets are usually not geographically restricted like securities, so they can effectively counter the accumulation of personal turmoil or inflation that threatens personal wealth. Under the circumstance that the earth's natural materials are getting less and less, the price of rare gems will naturally rise. But investors must also pay attention to one thing. Diamonds are not a short-term investment tool, and the price of diamonds will also fluctuate. Before entering this market, investors should have general knowledge and understanding of the diamond market. It has the same purchase price and sell price as any value item. Just like buying a marketable security, you have to buy it at a low price and then sell it at a high price. What's more, you can put such a different investment on you and add value that other goods can't bring to you.

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