2013 Top Ten Jewelry Brands Announced



First place: LEODiamond

Founding place: United States

Founding year: 1952

Founder: LeoSchachter

LeoDiamond is the masterpiece of LeoSchachter. For more than half a century, the LeoSchachter family is one of the world's largest and most creative diamond cutting masters, renowned for its unique and exquisite 82 petal diamond design, cutting and sanding techniques. Delivering sparkling diamonds to the world's premier jewellery and diamond shop, LeoSchachter's commitment to perfection, with a three-year focus on cutting-edge research and development, accumulates years of craftsmanship, bringing together artisans to create a Another LeoDiamond diamond with a bright glow. LEO flash diamond, the world's most shining diamond!

Perfect cut, extraordinary flashing. LeoDiamond's unique patented symmetrical 82-lobed perfect cutting process from the LeoSchachter family. Perfectly cut from carefully selected drills to ensure that each LeoDiamond diamond is not affected by any natural texture and structure, and that the diamond must be symmetrical for I and clarity SI2 or above. Brightness, professionally trained craftsmen must have more than 10 years of experience to qualify LeoDiamond diamonds. Diamonds that have been polished and re-examined for color and clarity must pass the GemEx optical test to achieve a "high" to "very high" flicker rating in order to officially become a LeoDiamond diamond. Only about 80% can meet the requirements. Each LeoDiamond takes an average of 90 days to make, which is rare. The unique honing technique extends from round diamond to fancy cut to provide a more diverse selection of scintillation options.


Second place: HARRYWINSTON (Harry-Winston)

HARRYWINSTON (Harry-Winston)

Founding place: United States

Founding year: 1932

Founder: Harry Winston (Harry Winston)

Harry Winston once said: "If I can, I hope to directly put the diamond on the woman's skin." Harry Winston's passion for diamond jewelry can be said to be more than words, people even more known as the "king of diamonds". In nearly a hundred years of operation, Harry Winston has owned and sold more than 60 of the most important gems in history, and Harry Winston, who has had countless world-famous jewels, has surpassed many giants and royals in the field of legendary gemstones.

In Harry Winston's collection career, there were a total of three giant diamonds that were unprecedented and shocked the world: JonkerDiamond, Vargas and SierraLeone. Jonker Diamond is the first giant diamond cut by Harry Winston and weighs 726 carats. The second giant diamond is Vargas from Brazil and weighs 726 carats. In 1972, Harry Winston bought his third giant diamond, the SierraLeone, which weighed 970 carats. It is also the largest weight stone in history.

As early as 1943, Harry Winston became the first jeweler to sponsor the Oscars. It was inextricably linked to the red carpet and was called the "star jeweler." From 007 girl Harry Berry to Hollywood princess Gwyneth Paltrow, Hollywood actresses are proud to wear Harry Winston jewelry for a variety of grand occasions. In addition to working closely with Hollywood stars, Harry Winston is also loved by the nobility royal family. These include Queen Elizabeth II, the late Princess Diana, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the Iranian King and the Crown Prince of India, etc. They all wear Harry Winston jewelry on major international occasions.


Third place: BUCCELLATI (Bucherati)

BUCCELLATI (Bucherati)

Founding place: Italy

Founding year: 1919

Founder: Mario Buccellati (Mario Bucchiati)

Since 1919, when Mario Buccellati opened his first jewelry store at ViaSanta Margherita 19 between Milan Cathedral and Scala Opera House, BUCCELLATI's work is famous in the world. Bucherati puts the jewellery material in the first place for the aesthetic value of the work, not how much they can value. The kiwi jewellery presented to the world is not only luxurious and exquisite, but also contains deep thoughts about art. Completely hand-made, authentic weaving gold craftsmanship, rich historical atmosphere... Perhaps, in the traditional and valuable today, it is these qualities that make Bucharati deeply rooted.

Among the customers of Buchilati, there are many prominent royals. Pope Pius XI and XII have very much favored Bucchiatti jewelry and gold and silver, but the artistic atmosphere of Bucchiati is even more impressive. More artists, the Italian composer Verdi, the opera "Madame Butterfly" and "Turandot" author Puccini, and the legendary "classical music", once served as the conductor of the Metropolitan Opera in New York. Outstanding artists such as the Italian conductor Stewart Carney are frequent visitors to the Bucharati jewelry store.

Mario has a superb and unique workmanship, which was used by the goldsmiths during the Renaissance, and then gradually lost the golden technique of carving gold. The craftsmen of Bucharati used several ancient and special tools. Engraving and weaving give gold and silver the best ductility and plasticity. The gentle "Tulle" effect, the different gold "weaving" techniques, and the ingeniously inlaid gems, are exquisite and exquisite. With exquisite craftsmanship and perfect design, Mario is known as the "Golden Prince" by the famous Italian poet and playwright Gabriel-Deng Nan.


Fourth place: VanCleef & Arpels

VanCleef & Arpels

Founding place: France

Year of creation: 1906

Founders: Alfred Van Cleef and Charles Arpels

The story of Van Cleef & Arpels begins with a romantic love story. In 1896, Esther Albemarle from the gem family and the son of the Amsterdam diamond dealer Alfred Van Cleek married, this legendary marriage married a great brand. The family combines their expertise to pursue the ultimate jewellery art. In the world of jewellery, you can't be indifferent to Van Cleef & Arpels, because it represents absolutely not the jewel of the general sense, but the noble French temperament. It is a mixture of love and dream, a self-evident symbol. It is a collection of thousands of pets in one, winning the hearts of the people of the world.

Since its inception, VanCleef & Arpels has been a top jewellery brand that is especially loved by aristocrats and celebrities around the world. From the Duchess of Windsor, GraceKelly of Monaco, the King and Queen of Iran, to today's Hollywood superstars Sharon Stone, Julia Roberts and Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi, all choose Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry to show their noble temperament and style.

Van Cleef & Arpels has always been committed to improving the appearance of jewellery, avoiding the destruction of jewels with poor and imprecise inlays. In 1933, Van Cleef invented the "hidden mosaic method" which can closely arrange gemstones and gemstones without any metal seats or claws, which can make the gemstones conform to the skin, and the body appears more Different gloss angles. At present, there are no more than six craftsmen who can use the "mysterious mosaic method", which is the world's ultimate craftsmanship, exclusively for Van Cleef & Arpels. Van Cleef & Arpels has 50 years of patent rights for this "insert method".


Fifth place: GRAFF


Founding place: UK

Founding year: 1993

Founder: GRAFF

GRAFF means the most incredible gem in the world. Unique and absolute high quality is the main feature of GRAFF jewelry. In the absolutely luxurious jewellery territory of Haute Couture Jewelry, GRAFF is the diamond in diamonds. Even the decoration of the GRAFF jewelry store is very luxurious and elegant, which perfectly reproduces the beautiful and prosperous scene of the Enlightenment period, creating the feeling of Versailles in the 18th century. The door of the jewelry store is a symbol of the lion head symbolizing honor and authority. The GRAFF store has this logo.

In New York and London, GRAFF has its own cutting, polishing factory and inlay studio, all of which are produced in their own studios. At GRAFF, visitors can also witness the birth of star diamond jewelry. First, the designer draws the sketch on the paper, and then selects the diamond according to the size and color indicated on the sketch, and the technicians complete the whole creation on the solidified paraffin. From creative design to perfect inlays, each piece requires hundreds of hours of craftsmanship. Many skilled technicians are trained in GRAFF, and they have interpreted the superb mosaic process into a state of superb.

As its slogan "GRAFF extends from the diamond mine to the necklace on the woman's neck", Lawrence Graff took the South African Diamond Group in 51% of the time, from which uncut diamonds were obtained, then sent to London and The studio in New York is polished. In addition to white diamonds, GRAFF also has more than 60% of the world's yellow diamonds. Not only that, but Graf is also keen to buy and sell large diamonds, GRAFF Venus (GoldenStar, 101.28 carats), Tsar (Tsarina, 90.14 carats), Golden Maharaja (65.57 carats) and yellow Roytman diamonds ( RojtmanDiamond, 107.46 carats, etc. These famous diamonds are all under the name of GRAFF.


Sixth place: Tiffany & Co. (Tiffany)

Tiffany&Co. (Tiffany)

Founding place: United States

Founding year: 1837

Founder: Charles Lewis Tiffany (Charles-Rives-Tiffany)

Tiffany has always regarded the creation of original works with stunning beauty as its purpose. It turns out that Tiffany Jewelry not only evokes the hearts of lovers, but its original silverware, stationery and tableware are even more fascinating. “Classic Design” is the definition of Tiffany's work, which means that every amazing Tiffany masterpiece can be passed down from generation to generation. Tiffany's design never caters to the ups and downs of fashion, because it is completely above the trend. Tiffany Blue is the symbol of Tiffany, and its Tiffany Blue Box is a symbol of the unique style of American fashion.

Just like Hepburn’s famous dialogue in Tiffany Breakfast, “It’s not unpleasant to have breakfast at Tiffany”, beautiful jewelry can always soothe the fragile hearts of girls. In the 1960s, when a generation of famous Audrey Hepburn stood in front of the Tiffany jewelry store, while enjoying the beautiful jewels and tasting the bread, the pearl diamond necklace between the neck and the jewelry in the window shines. At that moment, the classic lens in the history of the film was perfectly frozen. Hepburn’s dress in this Tiffany Breakfast has repeatedly become the source of inspiration for the fashion industry.

Tiffany's creative essence and philosophy are full of American characteristics: simple and clear lines telling the calm and transcendental clarity and the exhilarating elegance. Harmony, proportion, and organization can be naturally blended and presented in every Tiffany design. Tiffany's design is about excellence, it is free to take inspiration from nature and cumbersome and delicate, only simple and clear, and each masterpiece reflects the innate straightforwardness, optimism and wit of the American people. .


Seventh place: Cartier (Cartier)


Founding place: France

Founding year: 1847

Founder: LouisFrancoisCartier (Louis-François-Cartier)

Looking back at Cartier's history is to review the history of modern jewellery's centuries of change. In the development of Cartier, it has always maintained close contact and close contact with the royal family and celebrities of various countries, and has become the luxury dream of global fashion people. Cartier's jewelry is deeply influenced by the cultures of Russia, Egypt, Persia, Paris, France, etc., especially the inspiration of the oriental colors. It forms a completely abstract design through geometric figures, and expresses the characteristics of foreign cultures through special channels.

Olympia Gauss. The combination of the characteristics of the times and the charm of the traditional craftsmanship is the highest level that Cartier's fine jewellery series has been pursuing. In the smooth lines and the clear colors, Cartier's interpretation of the beauty of beauty lies in simplicity rather than complexity, harmony and not conflict. Its most classic jewellery collections include Bridal (Cartier Red Box Wedding Rings), Trinity (Triple Gold Series: Friendship - Platinum, Loyalty - Gold, Love - Rose Gold), LOVE (Small Screw Bracelet), PanthèredeCartier (Ms. Jaguar) ).

Cartier is a royal jeweler of European royal families and is known as the "jeweler's emperor, the emperor's jeweler." The British royal family had ordered 27 crowns for Cartier. In addition, Spain, Portugal, Romania, Egypt, the Prince of Orleans, the Prince of Morocco and the royal family of Albania also appointed Cartier as a royal jeweler. Cartier also played his own unique charm on the stage, and formed a century of luxury love with the stars. With the development of the Hollywood film industry, Cartier has become an ideal partner for filmmakers. Cartier attracts a large number of directors, stars and audiences, creating a film and television myth.


Eighth place: Chopard (Chopard)

Chopard (Chopard)

Founding place: Switzerland

Founding year: 1860

Founder: Louis Ulysse Chopard (Louis Ulyss - Chopard)

In 1860, Louis Ulysse Chopard created a high-precision watchmaking factory in the Jura region of Switzerland, known for its pocket watches and precision watches. Chopard's watchmaking process is superb and enjoys an outstanding reputation in the gold pocket watch. In 1863, the Scheufele family from Germany acquired Chopard and began to link Chopard watches to diamonds and music, creating their main series of "Happy Diamonds", which are not only happy, but also full of luxury and passion.

In the process of jewellery creation, the meticulousness of the gem itself and the infinite creativity of Chopard's president are all carried out by meticulous jewelers. In the quiet and silent workshop, the time seems to be still, and the jeweler and craftsmen show their exquisite craftsmanship, and smash the lifelike works bit by bit. Here, the gemstones are fascinating with the natural brilliance that is perfectly integrated into the creative talents of human beings, thus giving birth to outstanding masterpieces. Under the craftsman's skill, magic begins to derivate, and the color and material of the gemstone combine to gradually transform into a precious treasure.


Ninth place: BVLGARI (Bvlgari)

BVLGARI (Bvlgari)

Founding place: Italy

Founding year: 1884

Founder: Sotirio Bulgari (Sotrio Bulgari)

Bulgari originated in the Eppos district of Greece, and the founder of the family, Sotrio Bvlgari, started out with precious silver carvings. Since the beginning of the Seven Stars in the last 40 years, Bulgari has entered a diversified development stage, launching a beautiful watch as a fashion accessory, and with the jewelry and silverware series, for the third-line development. After the end of the Second World War, in order to meet the diverse needs of people at that time, Bulgari continued to expand its range of products to glasses, leather goods, perfumes, porcelain and other products. However, even today, Bulgari has always maintained the production of workshops, which makes its works both exquisite and handy, with a deep artistic and artistic atmosphere, and has a high collection value.

The combination of Greek and Roman classicism, combined with Italy's exquisite craftsmanship, has created the unique style of Bulgari products. Its color and art flow are overflowing and dazzling, alternating with fashion and elegance. In order to make the colored gems on the jewels feel round and soft, Bulgari began to study the improvement of the circular convex cutting method popular in the East, replacing the multiple cut surface gems with round convex gems. This is an impactful innovation for the trend of traditional European and American jewelry at that time. In addition, Bulgari pioneered the heart-shaped gemstone cutting method and many other novel and unique mosaic shapes, which was amazing at the time. In fact, to this day, these have gradually evolved into standards for jewelry production.

In 1964, the star of Sophia Loren’s Bulgari gemstone necklace was stolen. The Italian beauty with many jewels burst into tears and felt heartbroken. In history, several Roman princesses used to exchange the land in order to get the unique Bulgari jewelry. For more than a century since the founding of Bulgari in Rome, Italy in 1884, Bulgari jewelry and its accessories have conquered the hearts of all women who love fashion like Sophia Loren with its gorgeous design. . In fact, Bulgari's jewelry and accessories have long been the first choice for the stars at the world's major awards ceremony.


Tenth place: MIKIMOTO (Mikimoto)

MIKIMOTO (Mikimoto)

Founding place: Japan

Founding year: 1893

Founder: Mikimoto Yuki

In 1893, the father of Japanese pearls, Mikimoto Yuki, cultivated the first perfect pearl and created MIKIMOTO. In 1924, the Japanese royal family appointed MIKIMOTO as a royal jewelry store, not just Japan; even the British royal family and nobles used it for love. For many important occasions, their back crowns and accessories are provided by MIKIMOTO. Only by insisting on producing the highest quality cultured pearls, Japanese cultured pearls will have hope! "This is the vision of Mikimoto and one of the factors he has earned the reputation of "Pearl King."

MIKIMOTO's experts apply this international set of criteria to select materials and are limited to selecting the best quality pearls. They can instantly notice the small differences in each pearl, carefully care and spend their time trying to ensure the optimal pairing, taking into account the color, luster and other elements needed to create a harmonious and pleasing work. For example, a MIKIMOTO pearl necklace represents the same symbol, symbolizing the strict requirements for quality. Delivered from a MIKIMOTO pearl, the inexplicable essence marks the company's pride as a cultivator of cultured pearls.

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