Dwarf girl bright and beautiful in autumn and winter

Ben Wang, November 25 hearing, how can the short dress girl wear clothes in winter? In fact, the winter will not only have to pick style but also with the match, even if the mash-up wind prevails, chaos dressing must have a way. Xiao Bian for everyone to support strokes, sweater sweater jacket essential, take a look at how these tide products to build a high sense of it.

Candy-colored long coat, T-shirt, jeans and candy-colored patent leather uppers

Candy-colored long cotton coats, all kinds of sweet candy, this bright yellow can best reflect the young girl-style youthful and playful, as if there is a magic, will present a sweet and greasy look of girls. Take a T-shirt and wear jeans with candy-colored patent leather high-top shoes.

Multi-color stitching long sweaters, loose version does not pick the body is good ride clothes

Multi-color stitching long sweaters, the overall dark color will make people feel a bit old-fashioned, but with a small red flower decoration, let this sweater lively, simple button design personality, twist like the collar appears youthful vitality. Loose version of the body is not good enough to take the clothes.

Jacquard loose sleeve sweater

Jacquard loose-sleeve sweater is definitely a big love paragraph, big letters, lovable colors, loose cuffs are not all make people feel warm and sweet, like this kind of cardigan sweater no matter what style with what type of clothes You can wear a soft feeling, whether you want to wear a lazy fan or a cute fan, they are very good.

Panda pattern striped loose sweater, loose version can not pick the body can hide flesh

Panda pattern striped loose sweater, very cute clothes, super sweet and fresh, loose version can not pick the body can hide flesh, five-point sleeve design, simple and stylish, take a long sweater under Wearing pantyhose looks great.

Gray-backed, rectangle-shaped sweater with a pattern of undersized flags

This year, an upsurge in the fashion of the national flag has been spurred by the flagship of the United States, the Stars and Stripes flag of the United States, and the British flag. The design with flag elements often gives people a feeling of big fashion and personality. This gray-backed sweater with a rectangular m-letter pattern is simple yet full-bodied, and is worn in a simple, subtle coat. With ultra-lightweight pencil pants below, it is difficult to be a fashion focus in the winter streets.

Extremely warm and fleecy hooded cotton coat, take a thick bottoming shirt, sweaters, fashion over autumn and winter

The extremely warm and fluffy hooded cotton coat, simple design, full of fashion, casual and casual. Just take a thick shirt, sweater, fashion over autumn and winter. This casual style is not picky, so that girls are more lively and lovely. A pair of boots and a scarf can easily become street fashionistas, keeping warm and more playful and cute.

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