Implementing the spirit of the central economic work China's professional packaging industry strives for four changes in 2012

A few days ago, the meeting of the presidents of the China Wearable Wear Industry Association, on the basis of studying and implementing the spirit of the central economic work, analyzed the situation of the professional wear industry in 2011 and thus determined the work goals for 2012.

The overall guiding ideology for the development of China's professional packaging industry in 2012 is to closely focus on transforming the main mode of economic growth, taking science and technology as the guide, fabric as the foundation, creative design as the soul, subdividing the profession, lengthening the industrial chain, and nurturing expert-type enterprises. Create a mid-to-high-end market and drive the industry as a whole.

The keywords for the development of China's professional wear industry in 2012 are: design, professionalism, and refinement.

Focusing on the above guiding ideology, there are four changes to be made in the Chinese business wear industry:

First, we must passively meet the needs of the market and change to create demand. We must use new thinking, new ideas, and new products to influence customers, upgrade the overall service market, improve the quality of professional dress, create demand, and guide consumption.

Second, from the eyebrows and mustaches to grasping, to the market segmentation, to change what it is to live in, what the orders are all connected to, what the traditional way of doing everything is to do in-depth research from the enterprise's structure and direction of development, we must Product segmentation made a good article, find their own strengths, clear their own product characteristics, do a good job of the company's product positioning. In particular, it is necessary to strengthen cross-industry alliances and collaboration among enterprises, to give products that are not good for them to the brethren, to learn the experience of the brethren in terms of expertise, and to gradually form four types of products: uniforms, functional clothing, uniforms, and professional fashion products. Points pattern.

Third, we must shift from the production of low-end products to the development of technology-based products. At present, the profit rate of the products manufactured by most enterprises is very low. First, the product does not drop, the price does not go up, the second is the customer price, the price does not go up, the third is the mutual reduction of prices between companies, the more the price is lower, so that our business wear enterprises in the vicious circle of low-cost competition, Can not extricate themselves, the reason for this is that we have not developed a refreshing product. Therefore, the only way we must get rid of the low-end and low-price traps is to take a technological development path. Must be based on the development of science and technology fabrics, full of functionality in the article. At present, some companies have already made achievements in this area, accumulated a lot of experience in the development of anti-static fabrics, and provided good services for our business wear enterprises. In 2012, the professional wear industry should increase the development of functional fabrics and the joint cooperation with business wear enterprises, and take new steps in product innovation.

Fourth, we must shift from product imitation and stereotypes to design innovation. At present, there are old-fashioned problems in the products of the professional wear market, whether they are style designs or material applications. In particular, the lack of design talent and weak corporate design forces have seriously hampered the improvement of the design and production level of the entire industry. More than 50% of companies lack design power, and even some companies do not design at all and cannot meet basic design requirements. Therefore, in 2012, we must mention the design to a very high position, attach importance to it, and strive to solve the problem of inadequate design capabilities. The association has decided to set up a professional wear designers' association and a professional wear academic committee to train the industry's design strengths and provide intellectual support for the improvement of the corporate leadership's design concepts.

In short, in order to achieve the above four transformations, we must first change our concepts and change the traditional way of thinking. We must overcome the impetuous social psychology, do not blindly expand the scale, and do not blindly pursue greater success. Under the current industrial structure, the frontline will be shortened, scale will be reduced, and manpower, material resources, financial resources, and effective resources will be concentrated to strengthen the entire industry. We must firmly grasp the solid foundation for the development of the real economy, and strive to create an industry atmosphere that encourages down-to-earth, diligent, entrepreneurial, industrial enrichment; firmly grasp the powerful driving force of accelerating reform and innovation and seize the opportunity to make breakthroughs in some key areas and key links as soon as possible. , efforts to improve the original innovation capabilities, improve the inclusiveness of development. Around the four transitions, the China Association of Professional Wear Industry also identified eight practical things to do next year.

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