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[China Glass Network] Network sales is a sales model with small investment and wide potential customers. More and more people plan to use the network platform to create a beautiful business. Many agents in Beautiful Bay have opened their own online fashion products store in this mode, and achieved good results. We have summarized the experience of many agents' network promotion and the experience of senior marketing experts in the beautiful bay network department. I wrote this article for your reference and I believe it will be beneficial to everyone.

Online sales or simply called online stores is a novel and vital entrepreneurial platform brought by the information age. The number of Internet users in China has reached 80 million, and the population is mainly distributed between 18-35 years old, which is consistent with the consumption of fashion products. Therefore, the network is a very suitable sales channel for selling fashion products.

Online sales need to address the following issues:

Trust: The sales of online sales communicate through the network, lacking intuition, and easily lead to distrust. Buyers are often afraid of not receiving products after receiving remittances or receiving fake and shoddy products, and they are deceived, so they have great concerns. Online sales must dispel consumer concerns and gain the trust of consumers with professional quality and sincere attitude, which is the key to the success of online sales. Constantly learning fashion expertise, becoming a beauty fashion consultant, solving practical problems encountered in your use is an important prerequisite for winning customers. Learn telesale skills, pass your style, professionalism and personality charm by phone, QQ, email, let customers who are thousands of miles away feel your sincerity, frankness and professionalism, naturally will gradually trust you, thus changing potential customers Become an actual customer.

Maintain your own network image and establish your own good reputation. Each customer has a group of friends, classmates, colleagues, relatives and family members. Since they also need these products, of course, they are also potential customers. Customers have a sense of trust in you and your products, and naturally introduce recommendations to others. Seizing a customer is tantamount to making a large number of people become your customers. Remember: Every customer is a representative of a group of people, to be especially cherished!

Propaganda: Propaganda is to find ways to let more people know about you and your products, which requires online promotion. It is recommended that you build your own website, which is better than eBay or Taobao. Either way, you need to do a lot of publicity and promotion work. Logging in to the search engine, making links in friendship links, posting messages on the message board, posting posts in the forum, etc. are basic promotion methods. It takes a lot of effort to carry out such promotion work, win more customers to browse in your shop, and increase your passenger flow. As with the actual store business, the larger the passenger flow, the better the business. If there aren't many people coming every day, the business must lose money!

The publicity work is heavy and hard, but it is much easier than the actual store. Since doing online business, it takes a lot of time to stay online, meet friends from all over the world, exchange beauty fashion information and knowledge with them, and cultivate their network awareness and popularity. This is actually similar to the actual store business. After a period of unremitting efforts, you have a large group of netizens on the Internet. They believe in your professional knowledge. It is a matter of course to sell your products to them. As you slowly build up a group of customers, your business will be guaranteed. Fashion products are not durable consumer goods. When they are used up, they have to buy new ones. Therefore, having a group of customers means having a long-term business. If you buy a shower gel, you will buy eye cream. If you buy a perfume, you will buy mascara. Personal needs are a small business.

We especially emphasize the service, satisfy every customer as much as possible, retain every customer who comes into contact with you, turn potential consumption into actual consumption, and turn one consumption into long-term consumption. The survey data shows that if you have a customer base of 100 online customers, plus your sales among local students, colleagues, friends and family, the annual income will not be less than 50,000. Therefore, online sales can be a long-term beautiful career, not just a part-time job subsidy.

There are a large number of potential customers online every day, depending on how you win their trust and attract them to your store. Successful online sales actually need to solve the following problems:

â–  Let customers who need it know your store. (Continuously use every opportunity to promote and promote!)

â–  Let them know your strengths. (Show your product range, affordable, quality guaranteed!)

â–  Let them convince you. (Professional answers to questions about the product, and give recommendations that are appropriate and responsible from the customer's point of view!)

â–  Let them trust you. (Show your character and personality charm in the communication, QQ, E-MAIL communication!)

â–  Let them be your friends. (Sincere enthusiasm, honesty, treat each customer as a good friend!)

To solve the above problems, the success of online sales is a matter of course. Of course, we need to emphasize later that no matter what business you do, you need to be hard-working, patient, and diligent in learning, and constantly improve your overall quality and professional knowledge. Solid foundation skills combined with proven methods and techniques are the only way to success!

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