Specific steps to install the glass door

[China Glass Net] The glass door is now a common door leaf material in indoor home decoration. For example, the partition door, bathroom or kitchen door between the balcony and the living room, there are more glass materials, so how to install the glass door? Here are some steps to install the glass door.

Specific steps for installing the glass door 1. Positioning the glass door that combines the fixed glass and the movable glass door leaf for uniform line positioning.

2. Install the limit groove at the top of the door frame to first determine the center line and the two metal trim board edges, and then install the limit slot on the top of the door frame according to the edge of the trim board. Note: The width of the limit groove is larger than the glass thickness of 2-4mm, and the groove depth is 10-20mm.

3. Install the wooden bottom bracket and nail the square wood on the pre-embedded wooden brick, fix it on the ground, and stick the metal decorative panel on the square wood with multi-purpose glue.

4. Install the vertical door frame against the previously determined center line nail door frame square wood, and then use plywood to determine the shape and position of the door frame column, and then outsource the metal decorative surface.

5. Install the glass and suck the thick glass with the glass suction cup. Lift the thick glass plate and move it to the installation position. Then, two small square wooden strips are fixed on the inner and outer sides of the wooden bottom bracket to fix the rear glass in the middle, and the multifunctional glue is applied to stick the decorative metal on the square wooden strip.

6. Seal the glass seal on both sides of the top limit groove and the bottom bracket, and the seam between the thick glass and the door frame cylinder, etc., and inject the glass glue for sealing.

7. When the fixed part of the glass door between the glass needs to be spliced ​​by the oversize, the seam should have a width of 2-3mm, and the edge of the glass should be chamfered.

8. Before installing the door leaf of the moving glass door, the positioning pins of the ground floor spring and the top surface of the door frame should be positioned and installed. The two must be coaxial. When installing, check the vertical line to ensure the center line of the ground spring shaft and the positioning pin. On the same line.

9. Install the glass door leaf upper and lower door clamps to install the upper and lower metal door clips on the upper and lower ends of the glass door leaf, and measure the height of the door leaf.

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