New feeling of the second beauty pageant contest ended successfully

September 10 afternoon, the new feeling of the second beauty pageant cum "charm of the new feeling I am the protagonist" preliminary contest in the new sense of the company headquarters in Dongguan officially started. From the global underwear fast fashion brand mybody terminal stores 38 Belle gathered show field, enjoy the beautiful young show my style, with wonderful performance to compete for the final 20 seats, to create a wonderful visual feast of catwalk models.

Blooming youth, bloom charm. This is a beautiful show, 38 glamorous beauty wearing sexy swimsuit all debut debut, every elegant turn around, every touching review, it attracted the cheers and appreciation of the scene bursts. After two hours of fantastic competitions, handsome and personal Li Yanjuan and beautiful elegant, sexy and charming Yan won the judges jury, and respectively 536 points and 516.5 points won the preliminaries of the first two, Lu Yingmin, Wu Jie, Wang Jinyan, Chen Mei Hao, Ge Tsui and other 18 Belle also entered the final 20.

As long as you dare show, the world is the stage. This is a picture about the "beauty", the fantastic walk, all make people excited. Now, together to enjoy the new feeling of the second beauty pageant tidbits! Is a wonderful moment, breakdown of your eye?

"è’¹ è‘­ gray, white dew for the frost; the so-called Iraqis, T-Taiwan side." The first show scene, the beauties are similar to the professional underwear model, smiles, each action is so professional and sexy seductive, enjoy the perfect bloom in the T stage, showing a unique new sense of fashion underwear.

New feeling beauty contest top 20 players

Li Yanjuan, Nong Yan, Lu Yingmin, Wu Jie, Wang Jinyan, Chen Meihao, Ge Cui, Liu Huanti, Huang Yongfang, Fan Guilin, Liang Jiangmei, Zhou Kunhua, Zeng Liting, Mo Chunhong, Gan Yuanzhen, Cheng Ling, Han Jieying, Zhu Ling, Zhao Haiying, Chen Lishan.

Preliminary exam explain

Belle were selected in the preliminary round, respectively, the swimsuit image display and self introduction two links schedule. The score is based on Belle's stage typhoon, physical appearance and language skills. Among them, the proportion of athletes figure, appearance looks important share of important scores, which is also the basic requirements of the contestants.

At the same time, in the self-introduction session, the contestants' linguistic ability and on-the-spot adaptability will also be the focus of the judges. After all, the requirements of the United States are not only external beauty, but also internal beauty. We will be selected by the perfect combination of inside and outside as the company's product image as the spokesman to highlight the true meaning of this beauty pageant and our product output control.

Final broadcasts

Final theme: charm new feeling I am the protagonist

Final Location: New sense of underwear company Dongguan headquarters

The final beauties: 20 popular and beautiful players

Final schedule: First, I sell my own (self-introduction + swimwear body show)

Second, I show my emotional intelligence (witty quiz + home service show)

Third, I show my image (T station dress show)

Final awards: Champion runner-up, the most popular and beautiful (single award), Charm Belle Award

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