Shepherd soft underwear released a new product similar to lead fashion soft

Breezy genial, sunny, we put on a beautiful spring at the same time, is it right? Can not forget to pick several of their latest underwear it? Well-known underwear brand herd soft underwear new new market, as you lead the underwear fashion, come and see it!

Pink space series


牧柔内衣新品发布 相约牧柔引领时尚

Pure, lively, playful, do not need too much pretense, do not need too much deliberate, this is a lovely, self-assertive self-age!

Mouth floating with a smile, pure and naughty expression, colorful, free clothing, are the exclusive cardamom girl; Gently "DUANG" look, the world's expression suddenly changed a color, a taste, a breath !

Cardamom, pink love! Young girls will be pleasant, outlines most vividly; is a touch of joy in this world color!

Blue dream series

牧柔内衣新品发布 相约牧柔引领时尚

牧柔内衣新品发布 相约牧柔引领时尚

Blue elves! Makeup point the color of youth, eager; such as wonderful flowers, filled with eye-catching light!

Spring flowers in full bloom on the path, and his dear, walking hand in hand in the petals; Although it is early spring also cold, flying mood gently fluttering, feelings!

At the beach, in the sun, the beautiful girlfriends jumping happy shoulders, sprinkled figure communication, makeup holiday time fun!

Happy Kingdom series

牧柔内衣新品发布 相约牧柔引领时尚

牧柔内衣新品发布 相约牧柔引领时尚

牧柔内衣新品发布 相约牧柔引领时尚

Simple and comfortable, remove the bustle of the secular bustling, the body gently wrapped with comfort, is so relaxing!

"Good girlfriends" together, joy incomparable, endless words, memories ... ..., time is forgotten in the foot of the fall!

Home is the most warm harbor, soaked in tea or coffee, sitting with his dear whisper, taste happiness, enjoy harmony and content every day!

Spangle Embroidery Velvet Fabric

All kinds of sequin materials,such as 3mm seuqin,5mm sequins,7mm sequian ,can be embroideried on velevt fabric.It can be stripe Sequins Embroidery Fabric ,also flat embroidery fabric.

Velvet Spangle Embroidery Fabric

The products is in soft handfeeling and suitable for children dress.evening party dress .garment dress etc.

Sequin Velvet Embroidery

We always shipp them to American.European and Turkey etc.It's really popular in the market.

White Embroidered Fabric,Spangle Sequins Embroidery Velvet Fabric,Spangle Lace Velvet Fabric,Spangle Embroidery Velvet Fabric