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Everyone has her ROMANTY Longman Flute International, once, now, in the future ... ... This classic ROMANTY Longman flute international brand declaration for the emerging fashion women 's fashion leader made a near-perfect brand Positioning: a woman at any time have to play a role in their own life like the stage, but also in a silent way to express their inner desire for fashion, show urban officelady capable, intellectual, fashion, soft and new style !

ROMANTY Longman flute international fashion into the simplicity and atmosphere of modern fashion, designed for 25-35-year-old mature, elegant, tasteful fashion metropolis light Mature design, free from mature and fashion charming between. Focus on the delicate details and the quality of dress, urban women in work, life, entertainment and other occasions to wear, can show unique personality. ROMANTY Lang Man Di International has been adhering to the "elegant elegance, romantic fashion, classic retro, urban leisure," the product style, based on fashion aesthetics, neat tailoring principle, in the fashion, comfort and refinement of the design of the road to continuous innovation and extension, For elegant, mature, confident, independent, noble, generous era of women and service.

Intellectual, classic, retro, casual, trend, mashup, pop these seemingly unrelated words in the ROMANTY Langman Di International Women's World which complement each other, let us together into ROMANTY Lang Man Di International City in the spring of the most beautiful "trap "Right!

Snow is flying after the spring once a year, the six Anolan Man Di International Women in order to greet the New Year, welcome the city early spring, now the audience 50% off women's wear!

Address: Renmin Road and Jiefang Road forklift business 2nd floor.

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