Sapphire is not necessarily blue

I wonder if you will have such a question. When you look at a magazine, you will be attracted by the luxurious jewels. The color of the jewel is dazzling pink, but the name is sapphire. Why?

Xiaobian tells you, don't be foolish enough to believe that sapphire must be blue, but I don't know that there is a "rainbow" waiting for you behind it. There is also a sapphire mirror for the watch. You don't know the word when you are familiar with the watch, but why is his mirror not blue? Why did you make it?

Sapphire must be blue?

Sapphire is a general term for corundum gemstones of other colors in addition to red rubies in corundum gemstones. The blue sapphire that we usually use most is due to the small amount of titanium (Ti) and iron (Fe) impurities. Because it is a colored gemstone, color is the most important factor in its quality evaluation.

The general status is arranged in this order: cornflower blue (optimal) > rich blue (excellent) > fresh blue (good) > light blue (middle) > very light blue or blue with gray, green (poor)


Colored sapphires have dichroism, generally, dark blue/blue, blue/light blue, blue-green, blue-gray, yellow sapphire yellow/yellow, orange/light yellow, light yellow/colorless, etc. . It can be said that sapphire covers almost all colors in the visible spectrum.

According to structure

Starlight effect

The world's largest sapphire "StarofIndia"

Sapphire can be rich in rutile inclusions. These needle-like inclusions intersect at a 60° angle and can be processed into a curved gemstone to display a six-shot star line. Under the illumination of the point source, the six star lines converge together, bursting at the top of the gemstone's curved surface, dazzling and dazzling.

Color change effect

A few sapphires have a color changing effect. The high-quality color-changing sapphire is changed from green in daylight to red or purple under incandescent light. The effect of discoloration is generally not obvious. Very few discoloration sapphires from Megumi, Myanmar and Onba, Tanzania, have a significant discoloration effect due to the presence of vanadium.

The left side of the fluorescent light is blue, and the right side of the incandescent light is purple.

Common color sapphire treasure in big names

Bvlgari top jewellery collection in white gold and gold necklace

Dior Fine Jewelry Precieuses Pink Sapphire Ring and Earrings

VanCleef&Arpels colored sapphire brooch

Nowadays, the first thing to identify a good watch is whether its mirror is a sapphire mirror. Are you curious to call it a sapphire mirror instead of a ruby? Is it sapphire must be blue?

Relationship between sapphire mirror and sapphire

Sapphire glass (SAPPHIRECRYSTAL) generally refers to synthetic sapphire, which is very different from the natural sapphire that people usually understand. It is generally used in the manufacture of watch mirrors. It is a wear-resistant material with tungsten-titanium alloys and high-tech ceramics.


Sapphire Mirror: High-strength scratch-resistant, sapphire high-hardness, sapphire watch, its shock resistance, sealing and strength are higher than other materials. Whether it is from a cultural cognition perspective or from the investment direction and scale of the watchmaking industry, the sapphire mirror is still an identifier for top watches in the foreseeable future and remains a factor in the quality of top watches. The only downside is that it is extremely fragile.

Is the sapphire crystal better?

The answer is yes, because it won't be scratched. Sapphire is very hard and is an inevitable choice for top watches. For example, all new Rolex uses sapphire crystals. However, like glass, it is brittle and easily broken. Therefore, once the sapphire mirror is broken, the resulting maintenance cost will be very expensive, because the watchmaker must carefully check the lens to ensure that no sapphire is left in the movement before changing the lens. The Iphone5s uses a sapphire mirror.

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