Summer denim skirt splicing lace tide short-sleeved skirt new season

As China Shu women model brand - still show for intellectual women of the city to create a not only experience the first love-like green sweet charm, but also highlight the workplace elegant style capable, very sought after by fashion people. The multi-element blend brings better fashion choices to the oriental women. However, this season's popular denim stitching skirt in the fashion set off a wave.


Short sleeve shoulder pad design, the overall shape of a woman's perfect shape. Beige fungus piled together, so beautiful in full bloom, the woman set off is very sweet. White button embellishment, belt outline, the classic Slim models, suitable for all types of girls. Overall rigid and economic, extremely charming.

夏季牛仔裙拼接蕾丝 今季最潮的短袖裙新款

Korean version of the style, tight and thin version of the chest denim bleaching classic personality design, very stylish. The white doll collar and sleeves echo each other, filling the ladies range of children. Outline of the waist belt white outline of bumpy, with a pair of casual canvas shoes is appropriate.

夏季牛仔裙拼接蕾丝 今季最潮的短袖裙新款

Simple round neck, outline of the clavicle curve is very sexy. Pure white loose sleeves comfortable and easy to move. Pleated skirt, slightly tilted, sweet and lovely girl shaped. The most distinctive is the waist lace, and jeans hit the color is very exciting, but also outline the figure curve, it is a good range of Japanese range it.

Pictures from: Still show women

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