That a touch of flowers and fresh wood and silk women's clothing 2014 summer new listing


Flowers Yang white -

Flowers in the years without youth youth answer, co-author of a smiling smile as a charming poem, pure white. Floating solid color water skirt, is your dream looking white lotus.

那一抹花漾清新 木帛女装2014夏季新品上市

Foggy fog -

Fog scattered, wake up, cheerful joy into the dream paradise. As pure as the beauty of amber crystal clear, as if the quietly splashed clear.

那一抹花漾清新 木帛女装2014夏季新品上市

Green years -

Diffuse youth pure, trace years of aestheticism, clothing pendulum enjoyment as if flowing a cheerful song. Glowing romance in the spring time.

那一抹花漾清新 木帛女装2014夏季新品上市

Pure 娉 Ting -

Beginning of the verdant gentle joy, skirts in the summer of light Yan in the change of dance. A tree and a flower blossoming 娉 ting. Miss innocence in the clouds in April.

2014 Mu silk summer new models will be on the shelves, the details, please consult the national stores, counters.

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