Sweet space fashion women make summer ice cream girl

Sweet space Women have always been known for their lovely Korean style, lace, Puff Sleeve, pleated skirts all show the sweet and lovely girl, and in the hot summer season the cool ice cream color must be very dazzling.


Eye-catching red, yellow and blue colors make people feel the colorful ice cream, and layered version of the design is even more lovely full. Vertical stripe is not only thin and with the beauty of the waves at the beach, with a pair of high heels, is definitely the beauty of dating oh ~

甜蜜空间时尚女装 打造夏日冰激凌女孩

Sweet yellow, as if smell the taste of love, exquisite version of the design, a good highlight of the wearer's body. Waist a chic bow adds a bit more feminine, quick to wear it to see his beloved him ~

Siro spinning is two rovings are fed to drafting at the same time & twisted together as a double yarn.

Benefits of Siro Compact Spun:

Low hairiness, low thin and thick neps, smooth & good abrasion resistance, good wear resistance, 

better fiber orientations, fewer joints, fewer variations in the uniformity in the yarn.

Siro Compact Spun

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