"Childhood is not the same" Barabara personal login 2013 Beijing CHIC

"Childhood is not the same", in the world of Barrabara, every child is different, naughty, weird, playful love are children's nature. From March 26 to March 29, Paraballa's colorful, free-flowing personality brought to CHIC Beijing. Founded in 2002, Balabala children's wear brand is a leading fashion children's apparel brand with an international perspective. It provides children with fashionable and practical children's clothing products that are suitable for different occasions and activities for children to enjoy a better childhood. With a focus on the consumer shopping experience, Barra Barra offers a wide range of professional fashion products in a one-stop retail space that continues to create value-added consumer value.

Easy to wash without detergent,Much more durable than cotton cloth,Soft touch provides you great experience,No bad smell,No germ even in wet condition, anti-bacterial treatment available
Materials:80% Polyester 20% Polyamide, 100% polyester
size:26*20cm,18*18cm etc(customized)
you can custom shape or color

Microfiber Chenille Cleaning Glove

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