How to do glass self-explosion? How to buy and install bathroom glass correctly?

Recently, there have been news that the bathroom tempered glass door has smashed and injured people. In fact, the accident of tempered glass explosion in recent years is not uncommon. Especially in autumn and winter, the temperature of the shower in the bathroom is high, which is the most prone to self-explosion in the shower room glass. period. As one of the most commonly used building materials in bathroom, tempered glass, how should we solve and prevent its self-explosion problem?

The right remedy for the bathroom tempered glass self-destruction

Does tempered glass burst? Does it mean that the quality of the glass is not good? This is not necessarily true. In fact, improper installation or improper maintenance can cause tempered glass to blew.

1. The quality of tempered glass is only related to the automatic explosion of tempered glass that occurs under the action of no direct mechanical external force. Although the self-explosion phenomenon of tempered glass may be caused by improper installation or improper maintenance during use, the more likely cause is the quality of the tempered glass produced by the manufacturer. The thickness of the tempered glass used in the shower room must be at least 6 -8mm.

2, improper installation of shower glass can also cause glass self-explosion. During the processing, transportation, storage and construction process, the surface and edge of the glass may cause defects such as scratches, burrs, and blasts, which may cause stress concentration and cause the tempered glass to blew, or, for example, the glass may have a certain inclination during installation. A degree or artificial change in the shape of the glass can also cause similar problems.

3, improper maintenance of tempered glass leads to self-explosion in the daily use process, due to sharp object impact, sudden temperature changes and other reasons caused by the self-explosion of the shower room glass is also more common.

Solve the problem how to reduce the risk of bathroom glass self-explosion

In order to solve the problem of potential self-explosion of tempered glass, there are many options, including the purchase and installation process and post-processing, which can reduce the risk of self-explosion from the details.

Properly installing the glass door To prevent the tempered glass from self-explosion caused by improper installation, it is best to ask the manufacturer to provide professional door-to-door installation when purchasing the product, so as to avoid the damage caused by improper installation, and the responsibility is indifferent after the damage occurs. problem. The most difficult thing to do when loading is to cut the glass, because the tempered glass can only process the glass to the required shape just after the money is spent, and can not be processed after the tempering, which is very easy to make the glass self-explosion.

The minimum requirement for selecting high-quality tempered glass tempered glass is to ensure that the product certificate has the 3C certification mark. In addition, when we wear polarized sunglasses to see the glass, the tempered glass should show colored streaks, and when it is seen with the naked eye, it will also have blue. In the end, you can pay attention to the curvature of the tempered glass. The flatness is not as flat as ordinary glass, but it has a feeling of unevenness. The longer side will have a certain curvature.

Sticking to the shower room products on the explosion-proof membrane market, due to the consideration of aesthetics and other reasons, generally the glass does not have its own explosion-proof membrane, and the self-adhesive explosion-proof membrane can prevent the glass from flying when the glass is self-explosive. When using the explosion-proof membrane Try to choose an explosion-proof membrane that has passed the certification of the International Window Film Association and is qualified to produce a safety film.

The middle part of the tempered glass with the key protection glass corner is the strongest, and the four corners and the edge are the weakest. In these parts, once there is a crack, it is easy to smash the whole piece of glass. I don't know if you observed it. The safety hammer on the window glass of the bus is located on the corner of the glass. This is the use of tempered glass. For the shower room, we don't want the glass to be broken. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to protect the corner position of the glass and regularly check whether the corners have cracks.

Avoid sharp objects scratching the tempered glass is very strong, and can even bear the weight of several people, but it has a weakness, that is, afraid of being scratched and hit by sharp things. Since the contact area of ​​the sharp object is small, the contact point has a relatively large pressure on the glass, causing the glass to be subjected to a large external force at the point to cause slight cracking, and for the tempered glass, a little cracking means The stress distribution inside the monolithic glass is destroyed, resulting in numerous spider web cracks in an instant.

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