Man attractive to wear a bearded man suitable for what to wear clothes

What clothes do men wear better? Men's dress is what kind of look good? Now men like to get their own masculine taste, deliberately bearded with such a special sexy, Eddie Dayton men bearded men dress up, teach you how to wear a beard with clothes, will definitely make you dress style Has improved. Eddie Dayton men's black cotton with style, and the fabric is different, bearded men is best to wear collardress clothes, do not wear hooded, because the hood will only make you feel immature, this stand-collar Cotton dress style with a straight slacks, coupled with a pair of retro shoes is absolutely very tide Oh, men quickly learn how to match it. A little mustache is very masculine, this is also a collar style, very suitable for a mustache man, sometimes men do not need special white, leaving a little beard is also very good. Will definitely give you a different feeling, take a purple shirt with black corduroy slacks, slack, Edison Dayton definitely worth having.

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