Doll collar clothing for what age people wear?

Women at different ages suitable for different styles of clothing, sometimes a temperament, sometimes psychological connotation, and sometimes the appearance of positioning, in short, women of different ages have different gestures. The style of clothing introduced today is a doll-style garment that is different in the way women of different ages and women of different working styles can navigate. Li Denya women have different styles of doll collar a single product, but not necessarily for each one for you, do not know which doll collar do you know?


Li Denya-LIDENGYA Women

This is a black and white with a dress, the color is more suitable for mature women a little more stable, may be office workers, can be different professional women, but the age requirement of 30 years old, because this age section of the female side Mature and steady, style design into the perspective of lace embroidery, showing a mature femininity.


Li Denya-LIDENGYA Women

This section dresses bright colors, cute and lovely style, doll collar is quite unique fold design, skirts have buttocks elements, but there are lanterns skirt elements. This is more suitable for young professional women just entering the workplace, their ideas simple, passionate, just like this color vibrant, youthful.

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